Chetan Walia Will Publish New Management Book: Strategic Brilliance

Content of the “STRATEGIC BRILLIANCE” book

Many biographical business books (for e.g. Walt Disney, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet and alike) lead the reader to an assumption that success begins with thinking big. The aim of this book is to build the understanding that thinking big by itself does not lead to doing big. Anyone can think big. As a child everyone has built castles in the air. Those castles doesn’t translate into reality for over 99% of the world population.

Thinking big has been misunderstood as being wildly ambitious. This book outlines what thinking big really is. Thinking big must include in its conceptualisation elements of critical thinking. This essentially means challenging ones assumptions about ones ambitions before articulating ones vision. Once analysed and thought through it leads to identifying the big picture. The big picture is not merely challenging the status quo and identifying the opposite end of reality. The big picture is integrating the reality and the challenging view into a construct for the future.

The contract for the future still has to be achieved though a strategic process within the business. The book will guide the reader through a strategic process of building a strategic blueprint to achieve this new construct. The process will include challenge assumption on the way businesses perceive problems, develop strategic assets, exploit opportunities, take strategic decisions, innovate, and execute their strategies.

The most significant and novel contribution of this book will be to challenge the assumptions about strategic objectives and strategic process. The book will provide an alternative but complimentary model on how to think about and execute strategy such that it leads to actually being big.

Each chapter in the book ends with a reflective exercise. The answers to this once fed in to the conclusion chapter builds a complete blueprint for strategic brilliance.

The following content will outline the book:

  1. What does thinking big really mean

  2. Strategic problem formulation: What is the unique problem being solved by your business

  3. Strategy myopia: Are you building a decaying strategy

  4. Strategic decisions: Majority of firms sacrifice innovation because they are guided by the wrong context

  5. Market strategy is old school. Think customer

  6. Creativity meets strategy

  7. Culture predicts the strategic outcome

  8. Integrative strategy leads to higher value creation than competitive strategy

  9. 3C model for strategy innovation

  10. The execution pitfalls

  11. Conclusion: Building your strategy blueprint


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