"Chetan Walia is a genuine and committed person who is very straightforward in expressing his views without sugar coating. This is in spite of his being sensitive and very aware of the feelings and views of those around him, hence more admirable than if it came out of ignorance. He knows his subject well and delivers as promised. He is an excellent trainer and coach. I strongly recommend Chetan for any assignment he feels he can carry out well."

Viju Parameshwar, CEO, Freudenberg

"Chetan was assigned as my executive coach when I was Director Sales and Marketing for ACC North- Central . He helped me break through a few hurdles - both external and internal . Later I worked with Chetan to bring teams together when I transited to a P&L role in ACC and I must say that I have been astonished at how connected the teams were to the programs and how mindful they were about how they connected with each other during and after the programs. The interventions helped foster trust and openness in teams highly stressed out in chasing serious growth and efficiency targets ."

Joydeep Mukherjee, CEO, Johnson

"Chetan is undoubtedly the very best leadership development expert I have interacted with He is understated, very very passionate, committed and result oriented. With Chetan besides you - any mountain can be surpassed."

Sandeep Vij, CEO, DDB

" I believe these programs need to be experienced rather than understood. Experiencing them will create the change."

Bharat Goenka, MD, Tally

"Chetan helped us unshackle our potential by looking within us and refining our thought processes."

Shyamala Deshpande, President, Cafe Coffee Day

"Chetan is an extraordinary Leadership Coach. An exemplary trainer who can bring about personal transformation in people. Watching & listening to him talk is a learning by itself. Chetan is truly qualified to propagate breakthrough thinking by people and businesses as he follows the same in letter and spirit in his own business. Very, very inspiring."

Amlesh Ranjan, Executive Director, Sanofi


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